Pixel Perfect Web Design

Designing engaging, mobile-optimized, and fully-responsive websites is the backbone of our agency in Greenville, South Carolina. We enhance your online presence with pixel perfect graphic designs that produce search engine friendly websites that are easy to use, and compatible across tablet, desktop or mobile devices.

eCommerce Web Design

Our e-commerce web design solutions are built on popular platforms, such as XCart, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and Shopify, but we also create custom e-commerce platforms to fit any sales model. We take time to build your platform with user-friendly functions, such as suggested product pages, related product listings, product filtering, dynamic and persistent shopping carts and a multitude of shipping options. Our solutions also provide control over crucial back-end elements, such as data and meta data, tracking codes, and sales, shipping and stock status.

We work with our e-commerce web design clients in Greenville, SC, Asheville, NC and across the region to provide both qualitative and quantitative feedback to help guide higher conversions within their e-commerce store. Our award winning e-commerce web designs use clear calls to action, easy to navigate interfaces, and strong technology to ensure success.

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Custom Web-Based Software

Our web developers are pioneers in the industry, and can make any web product or application idea a reality. The most advanced technologies and secure encryption come standard with our web-based solutions, so you don’t have to worry about installation, upgrades, data accessibility or technical issues. Plus, we can integrate Single Sign-On (SSO), API and third-party hooks into each of our software solutions. Best of all, our solutions are compatible with any operating system, modern web browser or internet connection. Learn more about our custom software developmemt.

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Web Design Services

We are dedicated to developing engaging and fully-responsive websites using the latest HTML5 and CSS standards, along with ultra-clean markup code and premium security features. We follow W3C best practices to ensure an optimal user experience and search engine optimization. Every element developed is purposeful and results-driven, incorporating programmatic solutions that are both creative and strategic. And naturally, all websites are thoroughly tested for quality assurance, safety, compatibility and usability.

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Search Engine Optimization

How a webpage appears to users it quite different from how it looks to a wide range of search engines. When designing a new custom website, we are careful to avoid elements that may interfere with search engine spiders. To enhance search engine friendliness, we use relevant code for tags, titles and headers, logical navigation elements throughout the site, keyword-optimized content, and correct file naming conventions.

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Web Compliance & Standards

Many of our clients, especially those in health care and the financial industry, require sites and software built with the highest security and compliance measures. Thus, we are experienced in building sites that are ADA compliant and 508 compliant, adhere to HIPPA and PCI requirements, and meet .

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Wordpress & Custom Content Management Systems (CMS)

We develop custom CMS platforms based on your specific business goals, web design needs and team abilities. We primarily build on WordPress and Joomla systems, but also custom develop CMS solutions and custom WordPress plugins. Our custom CMS solutions give you the ability to update your site and systems in real-time.

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Development & Planning

With so many technical details to keep track of, we know it's tough to determine if your agency is following the necessary development steps to ensure website success. But planning for a new website is just as important as planning for any other project. Without a clear development plan in place, your web project could easily go awry, costing you time and money.

That's why we created this helpful web development plan -- it includes everything from planning and web design, to content development and technical considerations.

Plus, we even created a handy infographic outlining how the development process should flow from beginning to end! Keep this on hand for your next website project to make sure your agency hits the mark.

Our approach has helped positioned BECK Digital Marketing as the leading web design agency in both South Carolina and North Carolina

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