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We worked with prominent philanthropy experts to develop a suite of digital applications that specifically nurture nonprofit users. Our data-driven, predictive systems reduce workload and help nonprofits strategize, cultivate, operate and fundraise more intelligently. Plus, our applications easily integrate with other popular industry programs, such BlackBaud, Microsoft, Lawson, and Quickbooks.

Read about our nonprofit applications below, or learn more about our
one-of-a-kind nonprofit software, DonorBridge®.

Donor Management Tools

Our complete constituent relationship management (CRM) system streamlines relationship-building among donors, gift officers, users, and prospects. Our donor management tools provide custom fields, tagging, contacts, a live heat map, activity feeds, and gift tracking, along with our unique cultivation scoring system for predictions on each donor. Our award-winning donor software provides exclusive, advanced cultivation metrics. Manage donors, meetings, calls or appointments, and attach documents from one convenient dashboard.

We worked hand-in-hand with prominent healthcare and nonprofit organizations to ensure the best workflow and automation processing for effective donor management. And as a Blackbaud Raiser's Edge Technology Partner, you can rest assured that all data and processes integrate seamlessly with your existing your donor management platform.

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Donor Management
Predictive Analytics and Custom Reporting

Predictive Analytics & Custom Reporting

Gain greater transparency and accountability with our predictive analytics and reporting tools. Our exclusive DonorBridge cultivation scoring system calculates the sum of all donor and foundation efforts to forecast cultivation probabilities and generate donation life cycle metrics. Our analytics tools make it easier to identify soft spots, reveal operational patterns, and translate success to leadership and stakeholders.

With our custom reporting tools, staff can mine and generate key fundraising metrics for donors, prospects, grants and employee campaigns, as well as your entire philanthropy department. Build advanced reports from our donor management platform or integrate from other platforms, like Blackbaud's The Raiser's Edge.

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Grants Management and Appeals Management

Grants & Appeals Management

Our award winning grant management software allows for simple management of the complete grant process. Reduce workload and simplify management for your philanthropy department with our grants management application. Track grants through the entire procurement process and use real-time data to get quick, high-level overviews. You can assign tasks, manage proposals, analyze cash flow and even collaborate with external organizations – it’s never been easier to share grant details, meetings and files with all grant team members.

And with our dedicated appeals dashboard, you can customize, track and analyze appeals so grant teams can plan more effective donor communication plans and strategies. Our software integrates with other popular platforms to ensure all the necessary details and files are at your fingertips.

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Employee Campaign Software

Employee Campaign Software

Managing employee campaigns generally means tiresome, manual work for fundraising departments – until now. With our online employee campaign software, we make it quick and convenient to engage employees and facilitate giving across your entire institution. Our campaign software helps make your internal fundraising ideas a reality.

Fundraising managers can easily manage, track and analyze all campaign efforts entirely online. And forget paper transactions; employees can login anytime, from anywhere, and donate online in a matter of minutes.

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Mobile Pledging Software for Live Events

Mobile Pledging for Live Events

Increase and collect real-time pledges with our fun, interactive mobile pledging application. This unique app was created specifically for live pledging at fundraising and charity events, and makes it easier than ever for attendees to pledge from their smartphones. Our app tracks pledges, recognizes donors, and even connects guests with staff, all via mobile texts. And to create instant excitement, you can broadcast a live donor pledge feed during your event!

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Sponsor Management

Sponsor Management

We make it a breeze to manage, track and report on business partners or sponsors and their engagement. Our secure and agile console is replete with tools for evaluating efforts and analyzing sponsor activity and lifecycles. For enhanced insight, our exclusive cultivation scoring system can be implemented for sponsors, too.

Our sponsor management software makes it easy to keep track of all your sponsor information in one place. We track touch-points, cultivation, and integrate with Blackbaud to ensure high-visibility and security in your sponsor data.

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Insights & Analytics to Enhance Your Operations

Our predictive, data-driven applications were developed specifically to nurture nonprofits. Our unique digital tools help nonprofits cultivate, operate, fundraise and strategize more intelligently. Our software will help you reduce workload, build more effective teams, and deepen human and organization engagement. Better yet, our suite of applications easily integrates with and complement popular industry programs, such as Lawson, Blackbaud, Quickbooks and Microsoft.

Do away with tedious manual work and streamline your internal processes with our process automation tools. Easily manage and analyze key fundraising metrics for donors, prospects, sponsors, grants, appeals and employee campaigns. You can even track processes and efforts for your entire organization to identify organization soft spots, patterns and top fundraising activities.

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Unparalleled Grant Management Software

Our grant management software will revolutionize your grant work. Manage grants, appeals, and proposals, analyze cash flow, assign tasks, and share grant details, files and meetings within your organization and beyond. Track grants through the entire procurement process, generate live reports, and even collaborate with team members outside your organization. Our finely-tuned appeals dashboard help you track, customize and analyze appeals to plan more effective donor communication strategies.

Donor Management & Cultivation Tools

Our constituent relationship management (CRM) system helps you build relationships like never before. Our complete donor management system is completely customizable, putting your needs first. Our CRM tools help you streamline outreach and efforts in novel ways. And with our exclusive DonorBridge cultivation scoring to span your organization, you'll generate powerful insights to help you work more effectively.

With unique analytics and reporting tools, we make it easy to report on and translate success to leadership and stakeholders. Our exclusive DonorBridge cultivation scoring system calculates the sum of all donor and foundation activity to generate cultivation predictions, donation life cycle metrics and live graphs. This predictive, one-of-a-kind system helps you plan, budget and strategize with digital tools that analyze relationships and efforts across your entire organization.

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