Web-based Custom Software

We develop custom enterprise software (EAS), product development, software applications, digital business solutions and process automation systems for large corporations, such as healthcare organizations, nonprofits, financial institutions, and school systems. Our software solutions are scalable, component-based and web-based. We develop processes to make your business run smoother.

Database Design

Database Design Services

We custom develop database solutions and provide database migration for businesses of any size. Our professional database development, design and reporting services deliver enhanced data control, organization and access. Using relational databases and normalized queries, our centralized databases also ensure the accuracy and referential integrity of your data, reduce data redundancies, and simplify database processes.

Our development team can design a database to help you keep track of your clients (custom CRM), or even a product database to keep track of e-commerce orders. Our development and normalization experts work with your team to ensure database queries and server performance are optimized. Our solutions are scalable, secure and best of all, easy to use.

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Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation

Our business process management solutions accelerate and extend functionality of operational processes to help businesses decrease workloads, reduce work cycle times and minimize human error. We are experts in process creation and streamlining business workflows. With over 20 years experience, our team will custom-develop a business automation process centered around your core business practices.

We can reprogram existing IT systems, or build business process automation software from the ground-up. All our process solutions are built upon secure, scalable architecture that is customized to your needs, and easy to use.

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Enterprise Application Integration

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

We want to help businesses get the most from their applications and systems. We can consolidate or link existing legacy applications and databases to simplify and improve functionality, communication protocols and data processing across your enterprise. This means everything will work in concert: data and functions from one application will be reprogrammed to seamlessly work with other application formats.

If needed, our development team can also reprogram existing third party APIs to create a fitting web-based solution for your business model. As with all our systems, our integration solutions are scalable and secure, providing the necessary framework for future development or additional applications.

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Software Prototyping Services

To confirm we’re meeting your business needs and delivering optimal functionality, we create software interface prototypes as the first step in the software development process. Our functioning prototypes provide interactive features and functionalities to help you gain a deeper understanding of how the final software will operate. These interface designs also provide a useful tool for usability testing before moving into development. This approach is key for successful E-Commerce website design success.

Our systems administrators can also provide detailed design and performance specifications for your custom web-based software. And we'll work with you to design the servers, load balancers, database servers, and security features you want most.

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Systems Architecture

Systems Architecture

Our systems engineers work with your business and IT teams to design server structures and behaviors unique to your specific business model. We create both high-level overviews and detailed concepts outlining your business processes and rules, technical framework, systems structure, and product technologies. And to ensure technology readiness and evolution, we engineer architecture that satisfies service-level requirements, and is scalable, reliable and manageable.

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Custom Product Development

Our engineers build systems architecture to satisfy service-level requirements, considering system evolution as well as technology readiness for all web-based projects. And before development of any custom software, we create interfaces prototypes to highlight user flow and interactive features, and help you understand how the final software will function. These software interface designs are also useful for usability testing.

Software Applications

Our centralized databases ensure the referential integrity and accuracy of your data, simplify data processes, and reduce redundancies. For businesses needing process management solutions, we create secure and scalable systems that streamline business and process workflow. Our business process automation systems extend and accelerate functionality of operations to help you reduce work and minimize human error. We build process automation software from the ground up, or can reprogram existing IT systems. To help businesses get the most from their applications and systems, we can link or consolidate existing legacy databases and applications across your entire enterprise.

Custom Software Development Process

We program (or reprogram) to ensure all your functions, data and programs coordinate seamlessly. We provide enterprise application integration (EAI) that improves and simplifies communication protocols, data processing and functionality. We work with your IT and business teams to develop server structures and behaviors specific to your business. Our systems engineers create both detailed concepts and high-level overviews describing your technical framework, business rules and processes, product technologies, and systems structure.

Our Development Process

Web-based Development

We engineer systems architecture that satisfy service-level requirements and consider system evolution, as well as technology readiness. And before development of any custom software, we create prototypes for software interfaces to highlight the processes and interactive features, and help you understand how the final software will function. These software interface designs are also useful for usability testing. The development of these enterprise software development processes are key to your projects success.

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