Reporting & Development Features

Gain greater transparency and accountability faster. With our reporting tools, nonprofit staff can quickly mine and generate key fundraising metrics for donors, prospects, grants and employee campaigns, as well as your entire philanthropy department. Easily analyze data, pull custom reports and create live graphs from one central dashboard. Our tools make it easier to understand past behaviors, identify soft spots, set more strategic goals, reveal operational patterns, and translate success to leadership and stakeholders. Plus, data importing and exporting is simple with third party program integration. We take the time to ensure you feel comfortable with every aspect of your data and process conversion.

Exclusive Cultivation Scoring

Our exclusive DonorBridge cultivation scoring provides fundraising and donor life cycle analysis to help you strategize, predict success, forecast growth and identify soft spots. You’ll get a better understanding of the work you’re doing and the impact you’re making, along with enhanced transparency and accountability for all processes.


DonorBridge cultivation scoring provides performance analysis that examines how effective your fundraising is, right down each donor, constituent and staff member. Our system assesses donor gifts against the capacity to give, providing donor life cycle data and projections only available with our software. This predictive, one-of-a-kind system helps you identify opportunities, forecast cultivation with greater accuracy, and plan more strategic, targeted appeals and campaigns. We help you drill down into constituent records and specific activities to reveal performance patterns and underperforming donor segments. By reinforcing fundraising best practices, we’ll improve how you steward donors, thereby enhancing efficiency, accountability and relationships.

Exclusive Cultivation Scoring for Donors Software

Development Features

Easily manage and analyze your data with these comprehensive development features:

  • Robust reporting engine
  • Predictive analytics tools and dynamic models
  • Advanced reporting and filter capabilities
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) integration
  • Real-time data and activity feed
  • Task-specific tracking and analysis
  • API and third-party hooks
  • Seamless imports and exports for effortless data integration
  • Fully responsive platform for flawless viewing across devices
  • Secure encryption keeps your data safe

Development features for nonprofits

Enhance your foundation intelligence

DonorBridge is the leading donor and process analysis software for nonprofits. Our data-driven, predictive tools help foundations strategize, build relationships, and fundraise more intelligently.

Other Features

All of the features, none of the hassle. We help you streamline operations, understand your data and move donors up the ladder of engagement, while providing the metrics behind relationship success.

Donor Management, Cultivation & Engagement

Nurture and cultivate constituents in entirely news ways with donor activity and life cycle analytics.

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Grants Management

Reduce workload for your grants teams with software to manage and analyze grants through the entire procurement process.

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Employee Campaign Software

Goodbye, paper transactions! Easily engage employees and generate online donations from one convenient site.

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Reporting & Development Features

Gain greater transparency and accountability faster with our reporting tools, dynamic graphs and custom reports.

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Appeals Management

Create more targeted, strategic appeals and improve donor communication with our appeals management and analytics tools.

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