Give your fundraising managers
the tools they truly need to manage appeals.

Nonprofits can’t rely on the same fundraising appeal indefinitely. But to craft effective appeals and communications year after year takes a thorough understanding of what works and what doesn’t. Enter the appeals management dashboard from DonorBridge: with our tools, you can track, analyze and report on your appeal efforts to measure appeal success and soft spots. We provide key data points and custom reports to help you assess and plan effective donor communication strategies, along with dynamic graphs to give you real-time snapshots of your progress.

Reports & Analysis

To help you better understand your regional constituents and their giving behavior, we help you track appeals, efforts and engagement across a variety of segments, such as donor engagement rates by region, cumulative gifts, average gift size and donor capacity. Drill down further and evaluate constituents by loyalty, giving, lapses and engagement to improve your retention rate. With our tools, you can automatically generate real-time graphs of your engagement progress to better understand where to focus your time, money and efforts. We can even help you generate reports for total contributions made for a specific appeal so you can easily define cost-effectiveness.

Reporting Analysis Software


Our engagement tools help you measure the progress of engagements and key funds across your organization. Evaluate the success of your charity events with tools that calculate attendee participation, live event pledging, and fund designation, as well as guest details and attendance. We even provide live snapshots for donations made to each individual fund so you can immediately determine which appeals perform best.




Measure the success of your mailers quickly and effortlessly with tools that track donations, recipients, donation participation, and even the effectiveness of online versus mailed appeals. We help you quantify the progress made with online and mailed appeals so you can improve future campaigns efforts. You can also track donations over time, as well as donations made for various funds, to help you understand what types of support you’re receiving year to year, and budget accordingly.

Mailer Tracking Software

Enhance your foundation intelligence

DonorBridge is the leading donor and process analysis software for nonprofits. Our data-driven, predictive tools help foundations strategize, build relationships, and fundraise more intelligently.

Other Features

All of the features, none of the hassle. We help you streamline operations, understand your data and move donors up the ladder of engagement, while providing the metrics behind relationship success.

Donor Management, Cultivation & Engagement

Nurture and cultivate constituents in entirely news ways with donor activity and life cycle analytics.

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Grants Management

Reduce workload for your grants teams with software to manage and analyze grants through the entire procurement process.

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Employee Campaign Software

Goodbye, paper transactions! Easily engage employees and generate online donations from one convenient site.

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Reporting & Development Features

Gain greater transparency and accountability faster with our reporting tools, dynamic graphs and custom reports.

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Appeals Management

Create more targeted, strategic appeals and improve donor communication with our appeals management and analytics tools.

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