Each month, BECK awards the prestigious Albert Einstein bobble-head to a dedicated employee in recognition of their hard work, accomplishments and overall awesomeness. The Einstein bobble-head acknowledges a brainiac with a good head on their shoulders (we couldn’t resist) and one who brings innovative thinking to agency work.

Awesome Web Designer

This month we are pleased to present the Einstein Award to our newest BECK member, Blake Finn! Blake has been instrumental in client work, proving himself a true asset to the team in a very short time. In addition to front-end development work for clients, he is spearheading app development for Location Lockbox, a first-of-its-kind a safety app for a Greenville client. Blake will also be leading design of the aforementioned app’s public-facing website. After that concludes, he will assist with back-end development work for key software projects this summer.

“In barely a month, Blake has proven to be a key member of BECK Digital. He brings a fresh eye to client work, and his skills perfectly complement the team. He’s eager to tackle any challenge and always sporting a smile. We appreciate his work and can’t wait to see what ideas he brings to the table!” – Ryan Beck, President & Managing Partner

About BECK Digital

BECK Digital is a digital and development agency dedicated to building custom, data-driven technology solutions to enhance client operations, profitability, and online presence and performance. BECK specializes in the development of interactive websites and applications, custom software and enterprise-level business systems, interface design (UI), user experience (UX), and digital marketing. They have a long and esteemed history of working with B2B and B2C clients in the Upstate area, especially in the healthcare, nonprofit, technology, and real estate industries.

And the bobble-head goes to… Blake Finn

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