Jan. 30, 2019 - Greenville, SC

Beck Digital, the Southeast’s leading software development and web design agency, is pleased to announce a partnership with the Mcleod Health Foundation. BECK’s will continue its work in helping the nonprofit market by providing McLeod with custom software to bring McLeod’s employee giving and campaign management programs to a digital space. The goal is to supply simplified, unique, and streamlined software to enhance McLeod’s employee giving program.

Customized software solutions will be developed to fit the Mcleod Health Foundation’s needs. Employees will be able to easily and securely donate to the foundation via payroll, paid time off, or credit card from any device. The software will also simplify the campaign management process to be more efficient and effective, encouraging employees to participate in giving to the foundation. The donation platform will have a user friendly and custom branded interface, easy to navigate layout, teamwork tools, campaign activity, testimonials, videos, and unique participation.

BECK will focus on reducing workload and the need for manual calculations by staff through a robust reporting toolkit on the analytics dashboard. Staff can manage, organize and analyze all campaign efforts, employees, participation, incentives and funds entirely online, making paper tracking and pledge forms a thing of the past.

To improve system-wide communication and accessibility, the software also automatically acknowledges donations and sends gift receipts. To protect Foundation data and online payments, the software provides a custom gateway to safely handle transactions, as well as a private method for syncing employee data.

“At BECK, we love working with nonprofits,” said Ryan Beck, managing partner at BECK Digital. “Helping these organizations focus on serving others, rather than stressing about their own unproductive and hard-to-use platforms, is amazing work that we look forward too.”

Mcleod Health Foundation is a nonprofit organization located in the north eastern part of South Carolina whose goal is to provide and perpetuate the best healthcare resources. They provide a wide range of services and can aid in locating a doctor or a facility. Other projects include promoting child safety through the McLeod Safe Kids program, providing fitness centers to improve wellness and fitness, as well as residency programs. Internal philanthropic support is essential for this organization to remain in operation. However, finding ways to generate consistent employee giving and deliver simple donation methods is a common frustration among fundraising staff.

The Foundation’s adoption of BECK’s employee campaign technology is part of a larger trend with nonprofits, who are turning away from traditional pencil-and-paper methods in favor of process automation software. Complaints of inefficient legacy systems and processes are common among nonprofit leaders; according to a survey of organization leaders by Netchange, only 10% believe that their organizations’ digital strategy is highly effective. BECK Digital previously implemented similar employee giving software at the Orlando Health Foundation, the philanthropy arm of the Orlando Health System, Spartanburg Regional Foundation, the fundraising arm of Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System in Spartanburg, SC, and Mission Health Foundation, the fundraising arm of Mission Health in Asheville, NC, both of which have seen tremendous success with the technology. Mission Health raised over $1 million in going digital with BECK’s software during their first employee giving campaign, and Spartanburg Regional raised over $100k beyond their anticipated goal for 2017. In addition to employee giving software, BECK develops enterprise-level software and apps to improve nonprofit operations, cultivation and fundraising. Among their nonprofit software solutions is an all-inclusive constituent relationship management system (CRM) for donor cultivation and management of grants, donors, events, internal operations and processes, appeals, and sponsors.

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BECK partners with McLeod Health

Providing custom software to bring McLeod’s employee giving and campaign management programs to a digital space.

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