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The Company

Sealevel is located in Upstate South Carolina, a short drive outside Greenville, SC. The company develops industrial hardware and software computing solutions for the military, medical, energy and aerospace industries, among others. Their innovative communications and I/O (input/output) products provide connectivity and control for a broad range of technologies. Designed to exceed rigorous specification tests, their reliable products are used by businesses around the world and make Sealevel a trusted global partner. For example, their robotic shuttle arm has flown on NASA Space Shuttle missions, linking space-based computers and delivering data on positioning and control.

  • Responsive website and ecommerce development (custom wordpress site)
  • eCommerce migration from Magento to WooCommerce
  • User Experience (UX) design and site prototyping
  • Web technology restructure
  • Information architecture development
  • Database build and CMS customization
  • Mobile responsiveness and accessibility
  • Speed, tracking and performance optimization
  • Custom shipping, product and reporting algorithms
  • Quality assurance and testing

The Challenge

In 2017, Sealevel decided that it was time to create an entirely new digital experience. They needed to update their website and improve their online marketing to keep pace with global competitors and meet ecommerce goals. They sought a new, improved website with a smoother customer experience, that also showcased their diverse manufacturing services, unique sales model and broad computing and IoT (internet of things) expertise.

Their marketing website featured an impressive support center and helpful industry resources, but locating specific information was difficult for customers and sales teams. On the purchasing side, their custom engineering services were lost in a sea of disorganized products. And as global competition grew, their outdated site platforms were quickly eclipsed by more responsive and user-friendly solutions.

Internally, Sealevel's staff was busy managing two sites that weren't synced, along with handling hundreds of customer inquiries, subscriptions, and orders. Building a custom website ecommerce solution was a crucial, yet complex undertaking that required the help of an experienced web development agency.

Responsive Web Design

Sealevel's entire website was redesigned as a fully-responsive WordPress site that delivered the same user-friendly experience across any device. BECK's UX designer perfected their page flow and built a fresh interface to improve usability, navigation and product organization. When it came to wireframes, over 30 unique page designs were developed to test the new website structure, functionality and pathways to important content.


The ApproachStrategy, Content and UI/UX Design

The large marketing site required significant information and content re-architecture. BECK outlined a detailed web development project plan that included usability testing, and competitor and customer experience (CX) research. We built a new sitemap from the ground up and created a content strategy based on Sealevel's business goals and customer needs. Industry-specific landing pages were created to drive traffic and better display industry information (case studies, videos, news, blog posts, products). Their knowledge and support center was restructured so users could more easily find helpful product information (manuals, FAQs, device drivers, etc.).

perspective mockup
Quote Mark

Every person at BECK Digital has been top notch, skilled, creative, smart and SO easy to work with.

Wallace Krebs
Product Marketing at Sealevel Systems, Inc.


BECK website developers improved administrative control, backend technology, markup code, server configuration, and security. The product database and tracking systems were reconstructed, and product management tools were created to give Sealevel better control over the storefront. To enhance web performance, programmers integrated a CDN (Content Delivery Network) with the website, which ensured faster load times for global customers.


The ecommerce system was rebuilt with greater customization tools and flexible ordering capabilities. Checkout functions and product categorizations were simplified. And to provide a stress-free transition, the new platform was incorporated with Sealevel's existing payment gateway and order-fulfillment platforms.

quote mark

BECK is a true partner in building our new digital platform and achieving our business goals.

Katherine Elrod
Director of Marketing at Sealevel Systems, Inc.
ecommerce screenshots

The Results

Careful to emphasize Sealevel's customer-friendly reputation and proud American roots, BECK delivered a custom and unified site with a modern interface. The new site delivers a smooth user experience, simplified navigation, and clean product layout. The streamlined arrangement of marketing and ecommerce elements also boosts search engine placement, traffic, and customer engagement.


Sealevel now has more control over content, products and marketing initiatives, and better tracking features site-wide. And in rebuilding the online purchasing process, Sealevel's internal workload was greatly reduced. Now Sealevel can remain focused on their valued customers and innovative services, rather than worry about dated and complex website management.



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