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The Company

The Spartanburg Regional Foundation serves a vital role in the Upstate of South Carolina by supporting Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System and non-profit organizations who work to address healthcare needs in the community. Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System has been serving the Upstate region for over 90 years. They employ over 6,000 staff and 500 physicians, and have earned a reputation for technological excellence.

Each year, the Spartanburg Regional Foundation, a non-profit organization, gives back nearly $3 million to the community and supports a variety of causes; they raise funds for patients and capital projects, award grants, and take a leadership role in improving the health and wellness of the Upstate area. For more than 25 years, the Foundation has raised money through direct contributions, sponsorships, events, and their employee (workplace) giving campaign, Love to Give Here.

  • User experience (UX) planning
  • Information architecture
  • User interface (UI) design
  • Software prototyping and design
  • Custom software development
  • Centralized database creation
  • Business process automation and integration
  • Single-Sign On (SSO)
  • Secure payment gateway creation and syncing
  • Systems administration, architecture and optimization
  • Quality assurance, usability, security and compatibility testing

The Challenge

Spartanburg Regional Foundation runs their employee giving campaign, Love to Give Here, to promote their mission, stimulate employee engagement and fundraise for hospital causes. Employee giving is a time-honored part of their philanthropic efforts and a valuable growth strategy. However, finding ways to generate consistent employee giving and deliver simple donation methods has been a challenge.

Furthermore, managing employee campaigns means tedious manual work and cumbersome reporting for the Foundation. Philanthropy staff processed employee donations via paper donation cards, which meant extensive data entry, as well as time-consuming work to spread campaign materials and awareness across departments. With that comes hours wasted on updating paper records and tracking participation. Additionally, generating reports and analyzing key donation metrics meant tiresome calculating for fundraising teams on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

The traditional employee donation methods at Spartanburg Regional Foundation were outdated and undesirable for both employees and staff. The Foundation sought to not only improve the employee (user) giving experience and generate greater participation for their annual Love to Give Here employee campaign, but streamline staff processes, reduce workload, and gain clearer campaign metrics.

Quote Mark

We are very happy with our decision to partner with BECK Digital for the design and development of our new donation software. The team was extremely helpful and organized throughout the process, and produced an end result that exceeded our expectations.

Shelly Sinclair
Director of Philanthropy
Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System

Responsive Web Design

The Approach Strategy, Content and UI/UX Design

To provide simple ways for employees to participate, navigate choices, research causes and donate, BECK custom-developed a web-based, employee campaign platform. We created a convenient donation system that takes the entire donation process online. Now employees can donate entirely online using a variety of giving methods: payroll deductions, PTO hours or credit cards. (Gifts made by cash or check can be tracked in the administrative dashboard, as well).

We also made it easy to encourage employee participation with first-of-their-kind team and leaderboard tools. The Foundation can create employee teams (based on departments or units) and view live participation levels across the entire healthcare system. And each team has a dedicated homepage where they can share updates, motivate their colleagues, and track participation and incentives.

Specifically, the platform features these employee pages:

  • An online donation form tailored to Love to Give Here giving levels, benefits, giving options and incentives
  • A personalized Spartanburg homepage featuring campaign activity, announcements, high-performing teams, testimonials and videos
  • An interactive page highlighting all available Spartanburg funds (cases or causes) and gift designations over the years
  • A unique leaderboard page with a hierarchical view summarizing participation for each department (team) across the entire Foundation
  • A “frequently asked questions” page to assist with any user or site issues

Administration & Analytics

To provide greater administrative management and analytics for Foundation staff, we created a versatile administrative and reporting dashboard. Fundraising staff can now easily manage, track and analyze all campaign efforts, employees, participation, incentives and progress entirely online – and in real-time. We developed reporting tools that allow staff to evaluate giving levels with custom segments, such as new employees, leadership, donation amounts, or past donors, just to name a few. Plus, the system automatically acknowledges gifts, sends receipts, and syncs their employee data.
perspective mockup

The Benefits

  • Optimal User Interface: The sleek new platform features simple navigation, flexible donation methods, and an engaging layout.
  • Ease of Donations: Employees can now login anytime, from any device, and donate online in a matter of minutes.
  • Employee Engagement: With distinctive team and leaderboard tools, the system spurs department teamwork, participation and healthy competition.
  • Process Automation & Reduced Workload: By digitizing and automating campaign management, Foundation work is streamlined, gifts are effortlessly managed, and paper tracking is a thing of the past. Goodbye, filing, sorting and paper cuts!
  • Robust Analytics: Foundation staff can now generate reports with a few simple clicks and pull real-time key campaign metrics for stakeholders and leadership.
  • Communication and Accessibility: With this online solution, Foundation staff can easily share and promote campaign information across the entire healthcare system.
  • Improved Information Architecture: Employees can quickly identify causes important to the System, make informed decisions about how to designate gifts, and find answers to common campaign questions.
  • Secure Login & Payment: By integrating single-sign on (SSO), employees can automatically login when on the system network. And with our custom payment gateway, all transactions are safely handled and tracked in the admin dashboard.
  • Data Integration: Working directly with the Spartanburg Human Resource department, we established a private and protected method for syncing employee data, gift reporting, payroll deductions and PTO hours.


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