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Ray Williams
By Ray Williams

Ray Williams, BECK’s insanely talented interface, website and app designer, is passionate about UX, traveling and the Carolina Panthers.

With so many free website design programs out there, it’s tempting to try a do-it-yourself web design for your business. But your company website is an important marketing tool, and the design of your site has a direct impact on your online marketing success. If you’re looking for a competitive edge, go with a web design pro.

Web designers can make your website as unique as your business and customers. And with online use and online shopping expected to increase, hiring a web designer is a wise investment now and well into the future.

Here are a handful of benefits in hiring a professional web designer or development agency:

  • Safer Website
    You’ll get a safer and more secure website. As online privacy and security grow more important to users and corporations globally, this is an area in which you shouldn’t skimp. This is especially crucial if you have an online storefront and handle confidential customer data. Hiring a professional ensures your data is protected and any suspicious behavior is monitored and resolved by an expert.
  • Faster Website
    You’ll get a website that is faster and built with the right technology. An experienced web designer knows the latest in web development, coding, plugins and systems processing. They can integrate the right technology on the backend of your website to ensure it loads quickly and is processed properly by search engines.
  • Search Engine Friendlier
    You’ll get a site that is search-friendly. There are critical elements in web design that determine how well your site will perform online, and website designers know how to optimize a site for search engine (SEO) success. Are you prepared to incorporate and enhance technical features like secure certificates, server speed, code minification, security protocols, caching, and content tags? It’s best to let a professional handle this, especially since it affects your SEO efforts.
  • Easier to Use
    You’ll get a site that satisfies customers and is easy to use. This sounds simple, but strong web design is built upon a well-researched user interface (UI) design and user experience (UX). UI is about visual design and how users interact with your site; UX is about how easy the site is to navigate. Savvy designers take both into account to make sure your site is accessible, readable, engaging, and aesthetically appealing.
  • Viewable on Mobile Devices
    You’ll get a responsive website. Responsive web design is absolutely necessary for any business these days. An adept design agency will know how to make sure your website functions flawlessly across any device (mobile, computer, tablet, etc.), no matter how complex your design or site code may be.
  • Completely Customized to You
    You’ll get a website and a design that are completely customized to your needs, goals and users. Free web design programs are limited in design, compatibility and options. Web developers and designers are experts at programming custom solutions to solve compatibility issues, unite platforms and systems, enhance functionality, develop new user experiences, and more. Web designers are basically coding magicians who can make your vision come to life. Voilà!
  • Save Time and Money
    You’ll save time and money in the long run. While upfront costs may seem pricey, you’ll be covered when the site needs maintenance, updating, or fixing. Hiring a pro now means having on-call pro expertise when you need it.

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