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How to Evaluate a Digital Marketing Agency

A website redesign or software development project is a large investment of time, capital and resources. Partnering with an ill-fitting agency can cost you money, marketing opportunities and even your company’s reputation.

While a development agency may understand the digital goals and functionality requirements of your project, it’s more important that they have the technology experience and development chops to get the job done. Before partnering with an agency, go beneath the surface and examine how it operates and tackles digital challenges. This is where an agency’s true capabilities and knowledge lay.

To get you started, we created eight critical questions to help you assess the proficiency of a digital agency before your next digital project. Does your agency hit the mark?

  1. 9 tips for selecting the right web development company
  2. Does the agency understand technology and its impact on SEO and user experience?
  3. What should your agency have in their web design project plan?
  4. What is important to consider when evaluating a development agency’s experience?
    Coming 8/13/17
  5. Should an agency utilize usability and A/B testing for your company’s online efforts?
    Coming 8/21s/17
  6. What search engine optimization (SEO) techniques should a digital agency be implementing?
    Coming 8/30/17
  7. What lead generation suggestions can the agency provide?
    Coming 9/6/17
  8. Is the digital marketing agency protecting the quality of lead management data?
    Coming 9/13/17

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